Lets make this guy famous…spread the love people…cause he named us “MALAY PIG!” I booked a grabcar using a promo code. This driver accepted my booking. If you were to see my booking timing, it was at 12.49pm today 28/08/15. However driver did not turn up. He then ended my trip at 1250pm, from my location and reaching to destination within 1min is ridiculous (by doing this grabcar will be paying him $3 cause I used the promo code)

I called him and he answered my call. Asking him for his location, the driver then shouted at me and hung up the phone. I called again twice but he rejected both my calls. Since he did not turn up, ive made another booking but this time ive booked grab taxi instead. And yes a Malay driver turn up.

Later i received an email from grabcar its my E-receipt from this vehicle number SGD6936G which i did not even took his car.

My husband then called this driver to asked him what actually happened and why he did not turn up after accepting my booking yet ended the trip instead of cancelling it which he is not supposed to, he answered rudely to my husband, hung up again and sending rude and racist messages.

You can see for yourself what he said on his messages. He even threatened that he will find us.

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