Good day Singaporeans..

I had like to share an incident to everyone that my mom had encountered on 27th August 2015 Thursday 1509hrs travelling on bus number 60 (SBS8831S) from Bedok Interchange to Bedok Reservoir Road.

This uncle who is in his 60s who was very inconsiderate when my mom was asking him to move his packet of toilet roll for her to sit down. The Uncle insist NO and said that his items should not be on the ground.

My mom was a partial stroke patient and had to use a walking stick to help balance herself when she walks. I’m glad that a lady who witness the incident then gave up her seat to my mom.

It’s very sad to see such inconsiderate people in our society. I do hope to spread and share about this uncle so that this article will reach him one day.

Raymond Soh
A.S.S. Contributor

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