Dear all,

Get every word and argument of the main contenders without any censorship. Discern their conviction, read their body language, and judge for yourself, first hand, this watershed election.

The broadcast will be non-partisan and will include the ruling and opposition parties with equal treatment given to all.

Watch any of the main rallies of your choice – in their entirety – at the touch of a button. Move with ease to another rally in seconds without having to get there.

“The Election Rallies 2015” will be broadcast every Rally night from 2-9 September, from the start of the rallies at about 7pm to the end at about 10pm.

Simply go to:


A ground-breaking intiative by Happy-TV bringing to you a fresh and full perspective of the election rallies.

About Happy TV: is a network producing original content for the Internet focusing on the appealing and significant aspects of Singapore life and the uniquely Singaporean identity. We provide a space where people can think, laugh, commiserate, celebrate and let their hair down without apology or self-censorship.

We are an offshoot of Dream Forest Stories, a leading production house in Singapore with a string of well-known TV shows aired on MediaCorp.

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