Workers’ Party (WP) potential candidate, National University of Singapore sociologist Daniel Goh, has denied allegations that he had an extra-marital affair with a former student.

Several press in Singapore have received a letter on Thursday night from a “Max Chan” who alleged that Dr Daniel Goh had an affair in 2008 with a post-graduate student from NUS.

In the e-mail that was also sent to Workers’ Party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang and chairman Sylvia Lim, the writer questioned Dr Goh’s character and morals. He also claimed that the woman’s boyfriend, whom he referred to only as J, had found out about the alleged affair through her phone messages.

Dr Goh said he was advising the female student in her master’s thesis from 2007 to 2009. After she graduated, the student left Singapore to get a PhD.

Dr Goh was introduced as the WP’s potential candidate on Wednesday. He has been seen walking the ground in East Coast and is expected to stand as WP’s candidate in East Coast GRC

He is married to a full-time time housewife, 39. They have a three-year-old son.

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