Dear Editors,

I am frustrated and overwhelmed over the unfairness in private security industry happen in Singapore.

There isn’t much support for security guard who are emotionally exhausted after rounds and rounds of tiredness got unjust treatment

I’m a relief security guard being employed by a Grading C company and stationed by the nice environment Along tanjong rhu rd.

We the Singaporean. But we are working under the roof of supervised by a non singaporean supervisor that practice double standard for non Singaporean. Our dignity is tread by them that often unhappiness treatment such as. They are entitle by the company to leave early and report for work late.

Reason non Singaporean guard has to cross the causeway for returning home. And lateness for their reporting work is crossing over the border because of traffic jam. And we the Singaporean morning shift have to stand by until the non Singaporean staff to take over us. Is this being fair to us for standby for them beyond the shift of 12hrs. Is it legal by the relevant authorities

Frustrated Security Guard
A.S.S. Contributor

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