Sharing these photos so that you can think twice about ordering from Sweetest Moments.

We had ordered the Classic Tradition gift boxes for my nephew full month celebration. To our horror, several guests told us that there were fungus on the Ang Ku Kueh and mochi. Photos were taken both on the day of delivery and one day later (you can see that food was in rather bad moldy condition).

And the only explanation given so far is that we were the only affected party for that day orders ( Ok. Got it.. So we were the unlucky ones..)

Sweetest Moments – We hope to hear from you again..Do note that we ordered 60boxes from you and had informed our guests to discard those uneaten ones.. Yet you are only offering a $30 cupcake voucher as a token of apology? I don’t think we would want to be your customer again.

Ang Shi Lin
A.S.S. Reader

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