Dear Editors,

It is undeniable that the PAP government had in the past done some good for Singapore in terms of infrastructure construction such as the MBFC, Gardens By The Bay, Marina Barrage, Changi Airport, just to name a few and in areas of defense, interior security and even healthcare, but we cannot gloss over the many failures that this same government had brought to the people of Singapore over the past 13 years.

The greatest betrayal of trust is to create and allow the massive inward migration of foreign workers who then subsequently become PRs and ‘New Citizens’ Over a 13 year period from 2003. A total of close to 1.3 million foreigners have make Singapore their home either for work or residence. Did we create 1.3 million jobs in the same 13 years? Even if the PAP government had indeed created 1.3 million new jobs in the same 13 years period, the result is a big flat zero job creation for Singaporeans. Lest we forget, we have more than 30,000 babies born each year to local Singaporeans. Simple maths will tell us that in the intervening 13 years since 2003, a total of close to 420,000 new babies were born. At the same time 420,000 Singaporeans or even more would have left full time education to go into the labour market.

Where are they going to find the jobs for themselves if there are just only 1.3 million jobs created in the 13 years since 2003 (this is assuming that 1.3 million jobs had been created in that period to begin with)? If there are less than 1.3 million jobs created during that period, it simply means that the foreigners have replaced some Singaporeans in their jobs thus rendering them jobless!.The problem of the high cost of living, housing challenges, transport infrastructure limitations, hospitals shortage of beds etc may have many contributing factors to it but the fundamental root cause is still people, meaning too many people being brought into Singapore. Failure to resolve this root cause, all other solutions are temporary and a stop gap measure to the problems.

Do we really need to have that many Indian FT in IT and Banking sectors? Do we need that many China scholars that are literally invited to study in Singapore Secondary Schools without bond and their cost of study, accommodation and daily allowance fully paid for by Singaporeans tax payers money? The MOE had never revealed how many China scholars were brought in each year but a source tells me that it is in the hundreds each year. Many of these students do not stay beyond their A levels. They leave Singapore and further their studies in the UK and US universities and never to return! They never had the intention to stay in Singapore in the first place and is using Singapore as a stepping stone, with the Singapore government footing the entire cost of their studies. How much more generous can the Singapore government be? The number of China students in our national universities is another telling sign as to how many China nationals are brought into the Singapore education system.

The low wage structure of the foreign workers had also impacted the wages of Singaporeans by artificially suppressing it. The ‘S’ PASS scheme and the lower ‘E’ pass scheme are the greatest culprits in the suppression of the wages of Singaporeans. Many of the ‘S’ pass holders are hardly a ‘talent’ nor ‘skilled’ to begin with and they are willing to accept just $2000 (in the earlier years) to perform a job that a local will be paid closed to $2300 a month. They can live with $2000 a month because when the SGD is converted to their home currency, they are rich! and their families stayed abroad and hence can live comfortably with the S$2000 they earn, if they live frugally while in Singapore.

The unrestrained open door immigration policy of the PAP government in the last 13 years is a betrayal to all Singaporeans! We really have a trust issue with the party and the government that they form when they are victorious at the General Elections. No amount of talk by LHL can convince us that his Party have Singaporeans interest at heart. Action speak much louder than all the words spoken. We want to see what you do and not just to listen what you say your party did.

True Blue Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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