Dear Editors,

Singapore’s civil service is really getting very careless under PAP rule.

First, there was a series of typo errors in the spelling of our late President’s name.

Next, there was the problem of the double-space error one of the commemorative $10 currency too. How can I sell it in future? Other collectors may think the note is fake! When was the last time there was a printing error on the currency itself?

Today, in the gazette declaring that Parliament has been dissolved, there is yet another typo error. Parliament was dissolved today, 25 August 2015 Tuesday. Yet, the heading on the Gazette clearly states that the document itself was dated on 28 August 2015 Friday.

So, Parliament is to be dissolved today, or three days from now on 28 August 2015, Friday?

This is so unbecoming. If we cannot count on our civil service to get these tiny details correct, I wonder what other mistakes have they been making in the running of our country?

Disappointed Voter
A.S.S. Contributor

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