Dear ASS,

It appears that the ruling party is increasingly desperate, very much arrogant and totally obnoxious. By choosing the polling date of Sept 11, they have managed to piss of 3 groups of people.

First, many parents with kids would have booked their holidays already (months prior) for the September school break and probably be overseas when voting takes place on Friday Sept 11th….

WTF….how in the world are they going to vote???

Many would probably return on Saturday 12th, if not on Sunday 13th…this is common sense and a common trend for this group, so why would the PAP, who knows this all too well, choose Sept 11th??

The PAPPY does NOT want the votes from these parents? Doesn’t care this group is not able to vote nor can change their travel plans to vote in elections?

So it becomes painfully obvious that the PAPPY has done its math and believes that votes from New Citizens can offset those who are on holiday and continue the trend from past elections where citizens could not get to cast their votes at elections because of walkovers due to the GRC scheme and limited number of opponents contesting.

Yup, we can have elections but whether you get to vote or not, well that is entirely a different matter as far as PAPPY is concerned.

Next group pissed off are Teachers…yup, these groups forms the largest number of civil servants who will be deployed for election duty on Sept 11.

But wait, wouldn’t these teachers have similarly booked their holidays as well and supposed to be away for a well-deserved break from school?

So how now? Must report for election duty? Then must cancel the holiday package? Who will give refunds? Reschedule it? Who will pay for the resheduling fees?

Surely not the travel insurance and definitely not the Gahmen!

So teachers, supposed to be going on holiday, are screwed when called up for election duty.

You mean PAPPY didn’t foresee this?? So why Sept 11 then? Teachers happiness not important to them? Teachers votes not significant?

And finally, after all the sweet talk of how Malays/Muslims are fully integrated in our country and not marginalized or discriminated, PAPPY decides to have election on Sept 11…come on lah, you think Singaporeans and Malays here don’t know or understand the significance of that date…the sub-text of the global dangers from Muslims extremists since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA….yup, it behooves PAPPY to continue to use the Muslim bogeyman that old man LKY used effectively during his lifetime.

Yup, PAPPY does not need votes from these groups of citizens….they don’t care if they cannot increase their popular vote….they’ve worked out their math, they know the will win even by the narrowest margin of votes and continue to screw you as they deem fit.

So our votes doesn’t really matter lah…we might as well go JB for the long weekend!

We need to be MERDEKA-D from PAPPY rule.

SM Kembangan
A.S.S. Contributor

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