Dear all,

I am posting this to share and warn others not to rent out your flat to SBS Transit Ltd. Pls take your time to read this and share it around. My mum is 70 years old and she has a 3 room flat which she rented out as a source of income.

Now my old mum is under tremendous stress and can't sleep well at night after her flat lease had expired with SBS Transit Ltd. After SBST's PRC drivers had damaged my mum house badly, they are now trying to sweep everything under the carpet and pushing the blame to my mum house as wear and tear.

The lease had expired on 10th of August 2015 and my mum went down to take a look at the house. My mum was very shocked and upset when she saw the damages caused by the tenants. All the furniture are broken, the fridge is broken, the washing machine is missing (they said its broken and had thrown it away without informing my mum).

From the start of the tenancy, SBST had requested all furnitures and applicances not to be stated on the inventory list. My mum was a kind old lady and agreed as the tenants promised they will take care of the items well. Now they are using this "not stated in inventory list" to push away the blame. The kitchen cabinets are TOTALLY damaged.

My mum asked one of the tenants why and the tenant replied they had often washed the cabinets with water and didn't know that it will cause water damage to the wooden cabinets!

At this time, the SBST representative quickly intercepted that my mum should not listen to what the tenant said and assured my mum that SBST is a big company and everything damaged by the tenants will be repaired or replaced.

As it was also the NDP period and public holidays, the SBST representative requested my mum to give them 10 more days to repair the house and my mum agreed. After 10 days, my mum was informed that the house was done and its time for the official inspection and handover.

My mum went down again and there was nothing done to the badly damaged kitchen cabinets. She tried opening the upper drawers and the whole piece of drawer fall out. We saw something worse. They had NAILED all the drawers together so that they wont fall out and claimed that its being repaired!!! 

Now SBST is harrassing my mum on returning the security deposit and threatening us that they will small claim my mum and SBST is a big company and they will surely win. After their PRC drivers had damaged my mum house badly, they are still trying to bully a helpless 70 year old lady!

Pls read the watsapp messages that this SBS Transit Ltd Rep had been sending us. My mum did not signed on any paper agreeing on the condition of the house. We signed on a paper which states the repairs that need to be done and now SBS Transit is threatening that my mum had agreed!

At the last watsapp message, this SBS representative says he will purposely disturb us at 4.11am to disturb me and my old mum life! I hope there is justice in Singapore. We are not hiding. My mum says she welcome the media to contact her and take photos of her flat. Pls pm me for our contact.

Pls share this and appreciate your help greatly. Many many thanks.

Susan Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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