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RACIST! ***SHARE***, make him FAMOUS AMOS!,

Im a Rider, a small cc bike. i was at the juntion from Bedok North ave 3 turning right to PIE Changi. Its on Red Light and im position at (lane 2) because im going right where its shows (straight and right) exactly the front row and has the Priority weather to give way or not. Exactly im in 1st row.

And this BUGGER was behind me he is going straight couldnt have the patience and keep Honking a few times at me from behind. I was wondering what have i done wrong??.So when i look at my mirror that the way this guy has no patient to wait and thats when i decided to squeez abit to the right and fortunately the (Green Arrow ) appeared.

What i did was instead the inch to the right to make way for him, i make a move like usual turn right. At a very moment half way both of us faced each other, he was mumbling as in “bro im going straight ! Move a little bit la”! ,i responded yelling at him “what sia u its my way!”,im turning right u damn it!”.

Within seconds the guy from (half way straight) he swerved to right dashing thru my exact lane where it was a road bend and he drives dangerously cut from behind which endangering other rd user as well and e-brake right in front of me.

After some commotion i was shock that this guy did said ” F**k la u all MALAY work this kind of job ” like me “RIDER”. I felt pissed of!.. I reply him “what the F**k u said?!? U RACIST AR!!?. His face look shock ! Freeze for a while coz Regret what he already said. Too bad mr.. Good i say to him tonite you will be famous! Online.

And he say u “dun yaya” ..ok let see my yaya how is the outcome. I manage took some picture. When both of about to Dismiss from the place i said to him “wah u rich arrogant” . “IM GIVING HELL TO YOU MY FREN”. Once you are famous all your Richerness will go to the trash because why, people starts to avoid u. U career was A TRAINER am i right?

MMA am i right? So let see your wealthy drowned. You wife/GF will leave u, your children will hate u n all of your surrounding friends will leave


Muhaimin Abdullah
A.S.S. Contributor

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