Dear Editors,

While we are celebrating SG50 and the contributions of all Singaporean over the past 5 decades, I cannot help but think certain sector of National Service are not appreciated equally.

I’m was a NSmen part of the Home Team and I served my nation unreservedly. Everyone knew that during National Service, our allowance was of mediocre amount but we all make do with what we had then.

Sadly, whenever I visit the cinema, I am reminded that maybe HT’s contribution is inferior to MINDEF. You see, the cinema gives special discounts to members holding the SAFRA card but none to the HT card. It is not just the cinema but a lot of other establishment seems to value SAFRA card much more than the HT card. For those still serving their NS, these discounts will help them a good deal during that 2 years.

Maybe it is time that the whole NS welfare card scheme be merged into one common card, so that Singaporeans will value all contribution of NSmen equally.

Unappreciated Home Team NSmen
A.S.S. Contributor

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