To Farhan and Editors

I’m sorry to hear of your unfortunate incident stated in the original article. However I am a part time staff myself at one of the llaollao outlets, and no such rules apply. I am still working with the company as of the present and wish to clarify on some of the points raised.

Need to point out that free yoghurt, or anything out of your deserved pay is a privilege, and out of good will. It is most definitely not a right or entitlement!

However, for each shift at the outlet I am at, we are entitled to one free cup of yoghurt, and it is able to be taken either before, after the shift or during your given break. the cup is given regardless of the day or duration of the shift. This is out of goodwill of the company/outlet and is NOT an entitlement.

Assuming the new rules are in fact enforced at your outlet, I believe it would be better for you to take it up with your outlet manager or boss as to why this was introduced. It is not very fair to assume that all llaollao outlets and the company as a whole are mistreating their staff with poor welfare. In fact, I believe that the welfare provided is more than sufficient. From one staff to another, I appreciate if you had clarified this issue with your individual manager first before giving the general public the wrong impression.

Do note that I am not covering for the company because really, there is nothing to cover for. All Singapore Stuff, I do hope that you will double check on sources and credibility before publishing in the future.


Present Staff at llaollao
A.S.S. Contributor

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