Dear Editors,

Compass Point mall, the main shopping centre right in the heart of Sengkang, is going to be completely closed for renovation starting mid-Oct 2015 for 1-2 years. There are only 2 other smaller malls in Sengkang and they are both not centrally/conveniently located. Many residents go to Compass Point for their daily needs and activities.

How can such an important mall be allowed to close for such a long stretch of time? When the developer successfully tender the purchase/rental of the land for development into a mall, doesn’t it have any obligations at all to serve and meet the needs of Sengkang residents?

Many residents’ lives will be inconvenienced and adversely affected by the mall’s complete closure for renovation for such a long period of time. If it is partially closed, at least that may be acceptable by some Sengkang residents.

I trust many residents have already complained to MP etc. about the inconvenience of the mall’s closure. The developer’s decision is an entirely business decision, but doesn’t it feel it is obliged to address the needs of Sengkang residents at all?

Unhappy Sengkang Resident

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