In a statement issued today, teenage blogger Amos Yee has confirmed that 32 year-old Shirwin Eu, an Uber driver who approached the Elections Department today to collect his nomination papers, is in fact “Iceman”, a “good vegan buddy” and a loyal supporter.

According to Amos, Shirwin Eu had generously provided Amos with a 720p camera after his release from Changi Prison so that the young teen iconoclast could continue to film his videos.

Amos added, “So yes we’re good buddies, and a huge chunk of his Facebook profile is sharings of my Facebook posts. So if he does in fact contest, he will be the first opposition candidate that is an open-Amos Yee fan. I don’t know if that will be beneficial in helping him garner votes or not.”

But Amos also said, in typical Amos Yee fashion: “In terms of political discussions I had with him, he has never convinced me once, but hopefully he does better during the campaigning. Good luck Shirwin, I’ll be sure to keep a look out on you.”

Voices of support have already begun to pour in for Shirwin Eu on Amos’s Facebook page. Although Shirwin told the media today that he would campaign mainly on transport issues, Singaporeans remain excited to see whether Shirwin would speak also on issues important to netizens such as freedom of speech online.

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