Dear Editors,

This auntie not only harassed me while I was in the Q at the post office after cutting my Q and asking if I’ve got a problem. She even waited for me outside for me to be done and continue shouting and asking if I’ve got a problem. And went on saying that my face looks unhappy etc.. I even told her politely that I just woke up and I’m unwell but I’m not unhappy. Yet she kept going on about how I look again and again.

What the hell is wrong with this crazy auntie? She did not allow me to go so I had to walk back to post office and ask the same staff who served both of us at the counter to handle her. The staff who was talking in the background witness the whole incident from inside the post office till outside.

To all viewers, this auntie who fakes her ABC accent is not mentally unsound. While waiting for my turn at the Q, I saw her talking nicely and non-stop to the staff for her refund of Zalora items. This video is for those who happen to stay in the east and see her, Do stay away from her. She is plan unreasonable and a true troublemaker.

Mel Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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