Dear Editors,

Singapore government has been on an overdrive to sell the ruling PAP government on many non-stop ads featuring PM Lee as part of Nation Day Campaign before and after NDP 2015 and later towards NDR 2015. Ok.

1.Then a staged ,non- engaged scripted ‘Ellen Show’ like setting with elites and mediacorp pro PAP leaning artists to have a discussion on MSM and TV5 channels to clear misconceptions of PAP policies including new lineup of PAP candidates like AMK GRC and PAP Ministers.All targetted at prime time public voters to seel the PAP government propaganda towards the upcoming GE2015.Under the sequel to “Let’s Think About It” As campaigns.

2.A earlier “Let’s Think About It” paid for and made for government propaganda sold the idea using children why Singaporeans are not capable and wht Foreigners or Talents are needed. yes Singaporeans not suitable for PMET Jobs Sell by government.

3.Using adults as PMETS and pointing out we are mere xenophobic people by playing the family domestic helper at home card taking care of the children while Singaporeans work. So saying our anger towards foreign talents are xenophobic and confusing viewers with putting our PMET jobs taken away by cheaper talents to that of domestic helper comparisons. Seriously.

4.New “I wish Ads” under the same “Let’s Think About It” Campaign by PAP Government and Medicorp.

5.The last straw for any self respectable Singaporean is this new wave of “I wish ads” by Medicorp and PAP Government depicting Singaporeans as envious, greedy, always lusting for another person’s car, job, moeny, bag, Ipad and worst.

6.Seriously the medicorp actors (Singaporeans) should be ashamed of themseleves to depict and mis represent Singaporeans as such as this is not the case and nor Singaporeans are like that.Is your father, mother, brother, wife are like these envious and lustful people you are portraying Singaporeans to be??

7.This is a convienent way By PAP Government to hijack their many shortcomings, and failed policies including mismanaged rule as ministers and government and blaming Singaporeans everlasting hunger for material wealth, lust for better things, envy and all vices they can think of as root problem for the unhappiness for Singaporeans.

8.Their continuous airing of grievances on air and online , switch for opposition parties and clamp for change in the government.
Timing is perfect as the new GE2015 is about to be called for.

9.Playing PM Lee’s often used card of Singaporeans being greedy and illogically aspiring for bugger houses, wealth, cars and many things and comparing with elites, wealthy and Foreigners-Foreign Talents.


10.We Singaporeans view you PM Lee and greedy bunch of ministers liekwise as ever greedy for power, lusting to hold on power, abuse your power and set policies and rules for the benefit of elites and not the citizens from CPF to many aspects of our lives. you are elitist even boldy claiming to be an artistocrat over us.

Bringing cheap Foreign Talents in loads and still threatening to bring more as PM Lee boldly stated in NDR 2015.
The incoming foreign talents with dubious qualifications and experiences. Their lust for our PMET jobs and others key aspects of the Singaporean lives and holdings.

We give you back with our own mere version of “I wish Ads..” “let’s Think About IT!”

All Singaporeans can add more of what you think of our leaders , government, foreign talents and even mediacorp artists who were part of this shameful propaganda campaign.

Send in your versions visually and also in writing.
Enough . Singaporeans wake up and think about it.

Singaporean Core
A.S.S. Contributor

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