Dear editor,

A recent post on Facebook on Comprehensive Economic Coperation Agreement between Singapore & India caught my eye. In the agreement, there are 127 professions opened to Indian citizens. On top of that their spouses are also allowed to work.

Here are the listed professions.

It was also featured in your taxi driver article that recruiter offer 7k job to Indian job seeker. It drives me to check out the hit rate of jobs bank Singapore. Well, 66% traffic comes from Singapore. It may be from Singaporeans or foreigners in Singapore looking for jobs. The next country in line is India. So, the Indians are browsing Singpaore jobs. Simple reason – our PAP government signed an agreement to allow them to take advantage of the situation.

I am glad that my current job is not among the 127 professions. However, I do feel for those in IT, engineering & medical field, especially to those fresh graduates. These young people went through tough education system of PSLE, O levels, A levels & diploma to finally get into university and graduated. Yet they may face competion in job market against someone who might have faked qualifications.

Most readers may think “so what?”. The fact is the foreigners will come when the policies are in their favor, make the most of it and leave for greener pastures when there’s opportunities. Our young people will stay in Singapore, earn suppressed salaries, struggle to pay for a HDB, support aged parents & build own families.

Voters, use your vote to tell PAP that you are not pleased with foreigners raking our jobs. Time to bring the message through before your job is gone.

Say No To CECA
A.S.S. Contributor

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