The National Solidarity Party’s (NSP) Mr Mohamed Fazli Talip, a Central Executive Committee (CEC) member of the party, has announced on Facebook yesterday that he would be leaving the party. This makes him the second CEC member to quit the party within a week.

“With a heavy heart, I have submitted my resignation from NSP with immediate effect. I wish the party all the best of luck in the coming GE (General Election).”

Last week, NSP’s acting secretary-general Hazel Poa left the party over a disagreement with the NSP CEC’s decision to contest MacPherson SMC, which the Workers’ Party had already staked a claim over. The party’s intended candidate for MacPherson, Steve Chia, also quit shortly after a smear campaign was directed against him on social media.

Speaking to mainstream media reporters, Mr Fazli said he submitted his resignation on Sunday night to the party’s CEC, as well as party president Sebastian Teo. He had cited Ms Hazel Poa’s departure as a reason for his departure.

“The instability of the party and the reputation gave me a change of heart,” he said.

He added that the backlash NSP received on social media for setting up a possible three-cornered fight in MacPherson was a contributing factor as well. Online blog posts targeting Mr Chia and Mr Teo “further damages the party’s reputation and credibility” he said.

“When such incidents happened one after another in the lead-up to the GE, it’s pretty hard for me to accept. Really pulls down the party, affects morale.”

Mr Fazli had contested East Coast GRC under the Workers’ Party banner in the 2011 election.

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