Dear Editors,

People would often think that working at llaollao is a easy and job job, plus the staffs would always be entitled to free yogurt. This is not true. In the past, staffs are entitled to a cup of yogurt at the end of their shift. But it is no longer allowed anymore.

Due to the recent change of rules, staffs are only allowed to take a cup of yogurt only if they work on weekends. How is this fair? What about the staffs working on weekdays? Are they implying that the staffs on weekdays are not as important/contributing as much? it’s ok if we’re underpaid for the stuffs that we do and yet they want to do this to us.

For your information, their daily sales is 5k+ on weekdays per outlet and around 7k on weekends. Earn so much but their welfare for staffs is close to none. Not only as a staff but as a customer, I would not buy from llaollao anymore. The hype is overrated. I would rather buy from elsewhere such as yoguru.

A.S.S. Contributor

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