Dear Editors,

Why do we do this to ourselves? Every five years a majority of Singaporeans vote in favour of the PAP thinking that our lives will be improved based on all the promises made by the PAP during elections. And every time, the results are the same, our lives continue to degrade.

Think about it, since GE2011 how much worse has our lives gotten?

Just because the PAP says that our lives have improved doesn’t make it so. More crowds everywhere. More foreigners in PMET jobs for no apparent reason, jobs that Singaporeans are well qualified to do. More train breakdowns than ever before. Rising property prices across the board driven by the PAP’s policies and foreign imports. Even more dodgy handling of public funds by the People’s Association, all in the name of “good intentions”. More corrupt civil servants than ever before. Rising income inequality resulting in a shrinking middle-class, thus exacerbating the whole problem caused by the PAP in the first place. And on and on…

Who are the PAP trying to kid?

Singapore desperately needs a credible number of Opposition MPs in Parliament to fight for us. The PAP are certainly not fighting for us, they’re only interested in furthering the elites. The PAP’s policies are aligned with enriching business owners, and taking advantage of Singaporeans.

What do you think the 6.9 million population white paper is about?

Singaporeans are not citizens of a Country, we’re economic digits for the PAP to harvest. When there aren’t enough of us, they import more. If the PAP were bringing in foreigners merely because of our declining birth rate, why then are they bringing in older, many well past the prime of their working age? Simply because the PAP wants economic digits, people who will generate cash-flow for the PAP machinery to continue in perpetuity. The longer we wait to vote in a credible number of Opposition MPs, the harder its going to get; the PAP’s foreigner import policy pretty much guarantees they will stay in power perpetually and continue to destroy our lives.

Plating seeds for our future?

The PAP has been on power for 50 years. Every single Election Rally they claim they’re investing in Singapore’s skills future. And yet, we need so much Foreign “Talents”?? Do you really want the PAP to be in power perpetually and continue to ruin Singaporean lives?

If you think you have a comfortable live and don’t want to rock the boat, please think of your children, and our future generations. Do you believe the PAP will make their lives any easier? History has proven otherwise. Our lives have gotten harder, and much of it is because of the PAP’s policies.

Enough is enough. It’s time Singaporeans vote for our voice to be heard. It’s time Singaporeans vote for real democracy in this Country.

Please Vote Opposition this GE 2015.

Andrew Chen
A.S.S. Contributor

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