Dear true blue Singaporeans,

We already know that the PAP does not seriously care for the welfare and happiness of native born Singaporeans. Their sole priority is to stay in power so that they can continue to run the economy for their benefit, exploit us to our detriment, keep their dirty secrets safely hidden, and give parasitic foreigners a better life while we suffer as slaves to the lightning bolt.

To make matters worse, it is also open knowledge that as more Singaporeans turn against the PAP, they have been giving out hundreds of thousands of citizenships to foreigners who will gleefully and gratefully vote for the PAP. This gives the PAP the impression that our votes are seriously diluted and they can thus safely ignore our grievances and continue treating us like garbage while assuming that they will easily win the next general election.

Dear friends, the PAP cannot be allowed to rule! It has already been seen that the “men in white” will only pay attention to our unhappiness and make minor changes when they lose votes and parliamentary seats. Place your hand over your heart and ask yourself, if the PAP has made some minor concessions to us because they lost a GRC and an SMC, what would happen if they lost SEVERAL GRCs and a few more SMCs? Even if they managed to stay in power, they would lose their 2/3 majority in parliament and be prevented from passing laws that would hurt Singaporeans. Above all, if they lost power completely, the new party in charge would be extremely keen to cement their popularity and I’ll bet my last dollar that we can expect many pro-Singaporean policies that would restore us to first class citizen status while relegating foreigners to their rightful guest workers status.

So what prevents the PAP from suffering a serious setback at the next general election? Apart from the votes of parasitic new citizens, there are two groups of Singaporeans who might feel obligated to vote PAP and whom I wish to sincerely speak to. They are:

Civil Servants

My fellow voters who work for the civil service, you might feel obligated to vote for the PAP because of their policy to pay you well but please remember that your salary comes from Singaporeans’ tax monies and NOT from the PAP’s bank accounts. Hence, even if the opposition wins and replaces the PAP, you should NOT fear for your paycheque or your job as the money for your salaries has already been set aside in the government’s budget and the new government will still require your administrative expertise to manage all of our public services. As for those in the police, civil defence, SAF and indeed all of the civil service, who may feel that they may “kena marked” and be denied their rightful promotions, be rest assured that your vote REALLY is SECRET. The threat to deprive you of career advancement is simply a HOLLOW THREAT. There is no way that the PAP will waste the resources to match your vote (amongst the hundreds of thousands of opposition voters) to your identity in order to penalise you.

Therefore, by all means enjoy the job security, perks and pay that come with being a public servant but I urge you to remember that your duty is to Singapore and its people, NOT the PAP! The PAP has failed in their duty as elected leaders and come election day, it is your duty as a responsible voter to choose the party that will act in the interests of ordinary Singaporeans and NOT seek to pay themselves sky high salaries while currying favour with wealthy businessmen and giving foreign trash a good life. The PAP does not deserve your vote!

The Elderly

I know that many old folks are staunch PAP supporters because of what the PAP DID for them in the 1970s and 80s. Hence, this segment of the population provides a “gratitude vote” for the PAP. However, if you are a senior citizen, I urge you to remember what Workers Party Chief Mr Low Thia Khiang said in the last GE that, “the PAP of the past (which cared for Singaporeans), is NOT the PAP of today (which treats Singaporeans poorly)!” Thus, while a retiree like you was able to withdraw all of your CPF and never had to compete with hungry backstabbing foreigners for your rice bowl, I sincerely ask that before the next general election arrives, you spare a serious thought for your sons, daughters, nephews and nieces. We, the members of the younger generation would like you, our respected seniors to know that we struggle to keep our jobs from being stolen by foreigners, we are choked by rising costs from the PAP’s profiteering “business comes first” policies and our futures becomes dark because the PAP would rather give our polytechnic and university places to undeserving foreigners. Dear uncles, aunties, fathers and mothers, we depend on your vote to stop the PAP from
abusing us. Please SERIOUSLY consider casting a vote for the opposition for our sake! The PAP has enough new citizens for “gratitude votes” and we ask that you vote to support us instead of outsiders.

In closing, I would like to reiterate to all true blue Singaporeans reading this that the elections on 11th September is probably the best chance we have to either vote the PAP out of government or remove their two thirds majority so that they cannot introduce any more anti-Singaporean policies. PLEASE DO NOT throw your vote away by voiding it or giving it to the PAP. Send the PAP a strong message of our anger and displeasure that we natives demand to be treated as first class citizens and that we will accept nothing less.

Yours Most Sincerely,
Sovereign Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

Ps: Since the readership of ASS cannot match that of the Shitty (opps, Straits) Times, please spread this article as far as you can by liking it, sharing it and printing it out for your older relatives or those who do not read ASS.

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