I need to quickly share this with every s’porean. I just picked up ahneh family (Indian expat) from condo in the east , n fetch him to another apartment in the west.

Ahneh was conducting job interview on the phone with another ahneh overseas. Must be from some recruitment agency or it firm, kept mentioning client was “NCS” ie govt co.IInterviewer said ,” oh we cannot meet yr asking salary of 9k, our budget only 7k”.

“All our guys in our team all 7k range (all ahneh”, & essentially saying job is yours if u accept 7k! Then he asks ” u married? Yes, oh yr wife has it exp, oh no problem , can guarantee will get job in sg for 3k n above. Employment pass n work visa ” no problem at all”, issued within 2a week. Interviewer says ” dun worry, plenty of it jobs over here”, worst case scenario is within 3 months!

So he continued ” with yr sal n yr wife salary, combine is over 10k per month” , . He explained more” housing rental max 4k a month so u can ” easily save 1.5 lakh rupees every month”. , blah ,blah, blah!.

Now all u daft sinkies know why there is no job opportunities for sporeans???Dun believe me, go try apply one in it field,.

Omg, 7k a month so easily whilst our locals slave at McDonalds, drive taxis n collect cardboards! Wake up sporeans, these foreigners get into high positions, employ their countrymen only, worse of all, employers are govt linked cos!

Need I say more????

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