I called 999 on 23 august 2015 at 9.21pm to request for help as i saw an foreign worker fall down out of sudden while sweeping leaves on the grass patch and was unconscious even when i tried to ask him if he is alright.

Shortly after,I received a call at 9.24pm, a police officer from bedok north npc, asked me loads of questions with a few times of laughter in between the conversation and even suspect me as a foul play.

This is a matter of life and death as the person leg was trembling and i request for officer to come down to assist me but till the ambulance arrived and access the patient to leave for hospital, i did not see any police officer came to the scene to assist.

So, may i know what is going on? Police station is so nearby yet none of the police bothered to come over? And suspecting me calling 999 as foul play?

I am not that free to do such childish nonsense act!

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