With all respect Steve Chia and NSP CEC, you and your CEC have taken the narrow and disregarded the wide.

The narrow refers to your interests in your own party … and to an extent, your followers. The wide refers to the current political situation that Singapore and Singaporeans find themselves in today.

While every political party is looking toward correcting the wider imbalance of one party dominance, and seeking ways to correct that by weighted and considered compromises … your party is taking the opposite path to protect the narrow.

All I can say is that this will most likely backfire and set your party back to a stage where it might not be recoverable.

Please reconsider and tell us that you do feel the pulse of Singaporeans at large, and not only those of your supporters.

You do realise that in the news reported this morning, your party comes across as having the same mentality as that of the PAP.

You are only interested in serving your party supporters and has no qualm to disregard the voices of others who may not have yet supported you.

You still have time to correct your stance and to win back the confidence of Singaporeans and not just that of your supporters.

You do see that the 43% of voters who voted for the NSP in GE 2011 were Opposition supporters more than they were NSP supporters.

When push comes to shove, the party with the better parliamentary experience and trustworthiness will be preferred to take the PAP to task.

The 3 cornered fight will do NSP no good because the outcome is foreseeable …. you may not get half of your previous 43%. Why damage the good repute because of this?

Please reconsider for the larger cause and larger good of Singapore.

Thank you.

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