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Witnessed a heartwarming incident on the train at Raffles Place before peak hour this evening involving an uncle and a construction worker who had scooted down some seats to make way for Singaporeans.

Uncle to worker: "Hey you can sit down… You don't always have to give up your seat, especially not to men on the train. You come here to build our homes so you can sit also you know?"

The worker at first puzzled by the interaction digests what he means and breaks into a sweet and winning smile. I can't really hear the next exchange but then I see the worker whipping out his mobile phone to take a selfie with the uncle.

The uncle continues chatting with him… he points to the train map overhead and dishes out advice and instructions on how to navigate Singapore's transport network, honing in on Little India in particular. He asks: "Do you know which bus you can take if you get off at that station?"

Later I learn from the "uncle", Mr Rimy Lau, 68, who used to work in the hotel line, that the worker, Saravanan Samidurai, 28, has been in Singapore for just three days and he just wanted to him to feel welcome.

"They come here to work. This is how we can take care of them," said Mr Lau.

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