Dear Editor,

Warmest greetings to you and all readers and I hope this email finds all of you well and geared for upcoming elections expected on 12 September.

I have been following news both on and offline, particularly of the WP as I live in Marine Parade GRC (McPherson Garden Estate) even after the boundary changes. I would like to share a previous unseen observation in Merpati Road when I was heading for my usual breakfast at Blk 89 Circuit Road Hawker Center where I would join old time friends.

I saw a mass exercise of groceries distribution to residents and found it very strange as there have been tirades of complains and calls this past decade for MP Fatimah Lateef and subsequently, Tin Pei Ling to make improvements to their well-being and for such programs to be consistent instead of only during the elections. But what struck me most was that the groceries were for the entire Blks of 12 – 14 this time round, compared to only a handful and quarterly distribution during non election time.

Now, this is in sharp contrast and directly conflicts with not only MSM reports desperately trying to portray Tin Pei Ling in the most positive light possible but also that of some pro-PAP sites masquerading as neutral like “The Middle Ground” and “Mothership” which is making her “maturity”, the campaign theme for McPherson without engaging residents there. I find this rather amusing and to a certain extend entertaining as it exposes past mistakes of the PAP if one is smart enough to detect it. Is the PAP trying to tell voters of McPherson and Marine Parade that due to her immaturity in the last election, she has since matured now and voters are thus expected to “accept” her? For a party to have allowed an immature person to be groomed at taxpayer’s expense is indeed very telling about the selection process of the party itself.

In case you are unaware, an MP is supposed to be matured to begin with, reflect the problems of his/her constituency to the government and debate, shape laws and policies in chambers, not just hugging elderly and kissing babies to make up for the inefficiencies. That is the job of a PR or GRO, not an MP! I hope that with beautiful pictures presented, one will also not forget to look at past parliamentary speeches and the effectiveness of the MP in resolving ground concerns especially during MPSes, not dodging from the hot topics of massive immigration, PMET employ-ability, housing, medical, education and lastly, social programs for the disadvantaged of society when questioned by residents. I knew of instances when MP Fatimah Lateef lost her cool with residents and banged tables in order to force the government’s response on them:

Judging from the performance (or absence) of MPs Tin Pei Ling and Sitoh Yih Pin, I hope voters of both wards will look beyond the artificial aesthetics of their “work” and dive straight into issues that matter most to the Singaporean core. I for one, cannot accept the fact that entire hordes of foreigners who lived in Singapore for less than 10 years are granted citizenship at one go while Singapore PRs and their children who have lived here for more than 20 years are facing rejection from ICA. There are plenty of such cases at McPherson where entire blocks of HDB flats are occupied solely by foreigners.

I also remain unimpressed with Tan Chuan Jin and his entire grassroots visit last Friday evening to my estate (from years of neglect) after the WP had already visited us on a hot Thursday afternoon the day before with 2 young smiley gentlemen and a lady. Looks like WP is setting the momentum for this campaign as the PAP is merely a follower of WP’s trail!

A.S.S. Contributor

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