Speaking at the National Day Rally today, Mr Lee Hsien Loong said that the government would be raising the re-employment age of elderly workers up to 67 years old.

He says that from a worker’s point of view, 65 was too early an age to stop working and some have requested to raise the re-employment age. He added that he has heard workers who want to keep working for as long as they are healthy at the unions functions that he attends.

According to Mr Lee, he agrees that workers should stay employed for longer if they are healthy, but companies must also be given time to adjust and work out practical arrangements so that re-employed workers can be productive and not burden their companies.

He added that Health MInister Gan Kim Yong would be announcing a new active aging plan for SIngaporeans in time to come.

While netizens lauded the move to raise the legal re-employment age for workers, some netizens have expressed concern over whether this would eventually lead to an increase in the CPF retirement age.

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