Many voices are heard in the social media about Desmond Lim and his SDA. Some even accusing him of being a mole but no one knows. What is this Desmond Lim may become irrelevant for many reasons. It could be the biggest victory for the PAP in this election in Pasir Ris. The voters, from reading the social media, are now one head two big, not knowing what to do. Some were saying they did not want to vote for both.

In desperation, some anti PAP activists are calling voters to vote for anything except PAP. Even if they have doubts about Desmond Lim and his SDA, they are encouraging people to vote for him and SDA just to vote out the incumbent party and Chee Hian.

What would be the contest in Pasir Ris be like assuming that it is status quo with no opposition party willing to step in to put up a 3 corner fight? Would it be opposition versus PAP or as some were rumouring, PAP Team A versus Team D?

There were comments that it is better to have a mole party than the PAP in Parliament and the voters should just blindly vote for Desmond Lim and the SDA.

Another angle to look at this battle will be to vote SDA in and to knock out Chee Hian and his team which may have office bearers or potential ministers in them. So, would the battle cry for Pasir Ris voters be to vote out Chee Hian and his team. This is equally a very significant loss to the PAP and would cost a very big upset in Hsien Loong’s cabinet. It would be unbelieveable but a very strong message that it is all over for the PAP. Actually if this were to happen, it is likely to be the same across the island with PAP suffering a serious defeat.

Chee Hian is a DPM and said what you like he is still a big chess piece in the PAP camp. And facing him is a no hoper party led by Desmond who managed only a few hundred votes in Punggol East by election and lost his deposit as well. This team is about the weakest the PAP can hope to face short of a walkover.

Losing Pasir Ris is as good as losing the whole game. Would there be so much discontent and cross overs in Pasir Ris to deliver such a heavy blow to the PAP? Could a perceived D Team beat an A Team?

And the SDA has also come up with a Singaporean First agenda for the election. This would put those parties that are anti Singaporeans or foreigner first in a corner. Anti Singaporeans parties will be put under the spot light. They can keep on shouting foreigners good, foreigners to help daft Sinkies.

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