27 year-old Mr Mohamad Farif Shahbudin, a Malaysian bus captain with SBS Transit, has become the center of attention for netizens in a good way – after photos captured by a passenger showed him helping an old lady struggling to cross the road surfaced online.

Facebook user Nirna Sarnin, a pregnant commuter who was witness to Mr Farif’s kindness, wrote: “SBS Transit, this gentleman among many of your drivers really need recognition!”

“As I was waddling towards the bus stop & saw the bus approaching, I made a gesture hopeful he will see me from afar. He did & patiently waited. His sincere warm smile & ‘you’re welcome’ greeted my panting ‘thank you’. Awesome start!” She continued.

“At then at the next few bus stops, the driver alighted the bus & ran across the road in a hurry. And this was the sight I saw. He helped the granny crossed the road, boarded the bus, seated the granny comfortably & apologized to everyone before he carried on the journey. MasyaAllah, only God knows how proud I felt to witness this simple human act.”

“What I experience today, among the super rare bus rides I take, these gestures really swell my heart. Muhd Faiz (if I see your nametag correctly) may God bless you!”

Nirna’s post has attracted close to 5,000 shares and counting, making the kind Mr Farif a mini-internet sensation in his own right. Singapore’s mainstream newspapers have also splashed this heart-warming story on their papers. Netizens who wrote on Ms Nirna’s post have encouraged Ms Nirna to write to SBS and encourage them to reward Mr Farif.

It was an equally memorable day for Malaysian national Mr Farif, who is due to marry next month. He recalled how the old woman was so grateful, she thanked him profusely after alighting at Tampines Interchange and said: “You are a very good man.”

Another male passenger also thanked him for “doing the right job”.

However, Mr Farif was quick to brush off the attention, and said: “It’s wrong if I see nobody helping her and I don’t do anything. If I help other people’s mothers, maybe someone will help my mother. I just feel happy to be able to help others.”

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