I find it totally distasteful and downright despicable for supporters of some political party to utilize underhand smearing tactic to attack their opponents.

We won’t be able to achieve “First World Parliament” with such Third World despicable dirty politics.

First the mob attack SDA Desmond Lim, harassing him to the max with all kinds of insinuation and smearing. Then they turn against NSP Sebastian Teo and Steve Chia.

We want a CLEAN fight, not dirty smearing Third World politics. We want First World Democracy which we have more debates on policy matters and views, instead of such smearing and mudslinging.

General Elections is about the Contest of ideas, ideals and policy views. It is NOT a smearing or mudslinging contest.

I hereby strongly condemn the mob behind all these dirty smearing which hit under the belt. Opposition politicians have taken the risks and sacrifices to come to the front to contest. Freedom is NOT Free and definitely NOT CHEAP. For every contest, we are spending tens of thousands of dollars and we do not have the whole machinery behind us. Whether you like it or not, opposition politicians deserve respect, not smearing.

Supporters have the freedom to support or not to support any political parties. If there is three corner fight, so be it. Let voters decide in the democratic way.

People who disrespect the rights of others (to contest), do not really believe in democracy. I really fear for Singapore if such a mob really run Singapore.

You just can’t achieve First World Parliament with Third World dirty smearing politics!

Goh Meng Seng
Founder of Peoples Power Party

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