LTA, you listen and listen up good. Everyone is already so unhappy about the whole transport breakdown issue, and now you’re actually considering using our national manpower resources in the form of SAF personnel as an option to clear up a publicly listed profit centered company’s future potential cockups.

Who will be the one doing the marshalling? I’ll tell you. Fighting fit soldiers and commanders. They are the same boys who are already spending all their weekdays and burnt weekends chionging in the forests of Lorong Asrama or Lower Mandai or on that wretched Pulau Tekong. After emerging from the green with all that mud, sweat and camo, you are saying you want them to work for free, not training, not getting fit and not spending time with family, no, but waving their hands and shouting at the top of their voices, amidst jostling grumpy ctizens (and non-citizens for that matter) just to usher and be marshallers in the event (who cares if you said ‘last resort’, seriously who cares) of a potential (highly probable looking at the track record) future cockup of a profit-driven company.

Seriously, I don’t really care if the CEO of SMRT is the ex-Chief of Army and Chief of Defence or that LTA’s head is ex-Chief of Navy. What I do care about is how you actually even considered using public funded resources for a private mishap as part of a drawer plan.

Well done Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving and SMRT. Seriously you make the most self-stabbing moves, firstly saying sorry (albeit again and again), then turning around and using OUR people to solve YOUR problems.


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