Dear Editors,

I’m so fkg mad right nw. If the Army can’t take good care of my boyfriend then they jolly well give me my boyfriend back to me so I can take care of him and give him the attention he need when he’s sick.

Few days after he got enlisted my boyfriend has been complaining to me tht he’ve got “3 balls,” There is a lump on his groin jst beside his testicles. Whenever he does training or such, tht lump causes him so much pain. Sometimes it hurts even when he walks. Told him to report to his MO bt he didn’t.

Few days passed and the pain was getting more excruciating, so he reported is to his platoon SGT who laugh it off when my bf told him he’ve “3 balls,” and said maybe he has a tumour. Wtf? Is tht wht a SGT do when their recruit needs help? Eventually my bf told another of his SGT whom send my bf to the MO in Tengah Air Base to get them to check what’s wrong with my bf and it turns out my bf was suffering frm iguinal hernia.

They gave him painkillers, refer my bf bck to his MO in his camp gave him a status; light duty fr two days. Aft tht my bf report bck to his MO in his camp where he pushes my bf’s intestines bck to it’s place and told him tht they’ll refer him to a specialist nxt Friday, my boyfriend first book out day and tht he’ll still need to attend training as usual.

Worst thing is he told my bf, “this thing won’t die one lah,” The fuck? Inguinal hernia can cause life threatening complications if it’s left untreated and my bf need to avoid carrying heavy objects, bending and jumping and his training sometimes involves all of tht and I’m jst so fkg worried if his hernia gets worse. It pains and hurts me whenever he told me tht he’s in pain and nobody not even his SGT or MO bother to care.

At all. Thus, bcus of tht it rly affected him alot. He’s nt behaving his usual way and he has no one to turn to except me when he calls me at night during his admin time. And being his girlfriend, I feel terribly helpless and useless because I can’t do anything abt it except being his listening ear, listening to his complaints and rants. Wht should I do?

Why is NS treating him this way? Don’t they all care abt the health and lives of their recruits? I’m really lost and I don’t knw wht to do at all. MINDEF shld rly do something about this. Is this how NS treat those who are sweating every day jst so we won’t bleed?

A.S.S. Contributor

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