Prominent social activist and blogger Ravi Philemon will contest Hong Kah North Single Member Constituency (SMC) under the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) banner in the upcoming General Elections. He will face off against the PAP’s incumbent MP Dr Amy Khor.

SPP chairwoman Mrs Lina Chiam made the announcement today at a walkabout in Bukit Batok. Mrs Chiam, a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, introduced Mr Philemon as SPP’s candidate for Hong Kah North to patrons of a coffeeshop at Bukit Batok Street 31. Her husband Chiam See Tong, secretary-general of the Opposition party and Mrs Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss, SPP’s candidate for Mountbatten SMC were also present to show their support..

Mr Philemon was formerly the director of volunteer welfare organisation Operation Hope Foundation and has years of social activism experience. He has officially quit his job on Friday, he says. He was formerly with the National Solidarity Party.

“I have stepped forward today because I believe I have a debt to Singapore,” said Mr Philemon. “I come from a disadvantaged family, and today I’m able to climb up the social mobility ladder and be where I am today, thanks to the opportunities that were available in Singapore.”

Mr Philemon told reporters that if elected, he will champion issues relating to transport and the disabled. “We are moderate in our approach, we know how to push boundaries, we know how to play within the rules,” he said.

He added that specific plans for Hong Kah North residents will be revealed at a later date. The party handed out flyers addressed to residents of Hong Kah North, seeking views on issues such as housing, education, healthcare, employment, community facilities and other matters.

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