Dear Editors,

Once again, another stupid and intolerable mistake from the government agencies; this time – a misspelling on our beloved first president’s name in the once in 50 years commemorative notes.

Again and again, we have noticed cracks in the service quality from our government agencies over the last 10 years, this is a worrying sign on the deteriorating performance of the ruling party and the civil servants.

People in Singapore have to endure constant breakdowns in MRT and LRT every month although the entire train system is considered relative new and young comparing with London, Tokyo and NY subways but with much higher failure rates. Buyers of the new BTO, DBSS flats from HDB were so shock to see such poorly designed and built expensive public housing when they collected the keys. These lapses together with the findings from Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) report all pointing to a systemic downward trend on the basic level of service quality in most government agencies that certainly smell big trouble in the near future of Singapore.

This is a clear testament on PAP’s capability to manage a larger country. It is true that they may have done well when we were a small country of 3 million population. When the island was suddenly flooded with about 6 million people today, the ruling party has no clue on how to maintain the same high quality in all basic and essential services.

How could we cope when we move to 7 million in 2030?

Simple Man
A.S.S. Contributor

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