One of the boys threw my son’s toy car at my son but this maid of his, happily talking to her friends and i had to tell the child off not to do it again. This maid wearing the jersey 21 is the caretaker. When i asked her if she is taking care of the child. She rudely say yes.

I told her that she should have come up and say sorry. She rudely came up to me and said, “u talked to the boy already what?”, She raised her voice. I told her im telling her that she needs to have courtesy. Honestly, the boy is nice but being kids as you know sometimes they tend to be naughty.

And furthermore, he’s a child. I told her off that she dont need to be rude and all her maid friend looked at me.

I told her off that a few occassions i saw her pinch the boy or sometimes hit the boy. The boy stayed quiet. She asked me if i got proof. I witnessed it just now and even my mother in law witnessed it everytime she pick up my son from school.

She still deny and started shouting and all. I think she is scared because i know that she always hit and pinch the child. I left her to mumble with her maid friends. They looked at me like as if i owe them. i pity their employers and the children.

Hope this post goes viral so that this can be a reminder to all who has maids or helpers at home to not let the maids have any time to sit down and chit chat or anything like that wih other maids…

This happened at a playground near Blk 321 Hougang Ave 5. These maids will be there everyday unless it’s raining..

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