Dear all, please DO NOT answer calls from +652874587!!!

My mother almost got scammed when she picked up a called from this number. man on the other side said that they have me and demanded $30,000 for my safe return. mother said that she could hear my voice in the background screaming “mummy 救我!他们在打我” (mummy save me! they are beating me!)

He then asked her where her money is, to which my mother said “in the bank la you idiot!” (I literally LOL-ed at this one) mother then requested to talk to ‘me’

Mum: dear don’t panic mummy will help you
‘Me’: mummy 救我!!! (mummy save me)
Mum: all you have to say is ‘mummy I love you’ and I will do anything for you
‘Me’: mummy 快点救我。他们在打我!! (mummy faster save me. they are beating me)

Mother ended the call at this point.

Thankfully my mother was alert enough to realise that unless I’m making fun of her, I wouldn’t converse in mandarin, and the fake me was not saying what she asked ‘me’ to say.

Dude tried to call her back but she ignored it and called me instead. unfortunately I was sleeping. she then called my bf but he was in a meeting. called me back again and I finally answered in my sleepy voice and she asked where was I. when I said “home… sleeping… why?”, her first words were “shit. asshole.”

She has already made a police report. mum, dad and bf are well assured that I was in fact sleeping soundly at home and am not being beaten up, screaming in mandarin.

Please do beware of such scammers, out to earn some measly ten thousand bucks. seriously, if they do have your loved ones, who would demand an amount that is so affordable? (by that I mean amounts that one either already has, or could borrow asap, and not millions which is close to impossible) always have some form of code words and ask questions only your loved ones have the answer to. lastly, call their phone and if it rings, call and call until they pick up.

Mother got scared, but at least she’s still alert enough to notice the small tell tale signs that all this was a scam.
beware of scammers!

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