The Singapore Police Force are investigating a fight that took place at a McDonald's branch in Jurong Spring Community Club on Wednesday evening.
A video of the fight was posted online by a netizen, and was subsequently contributed to A.S.S. View the video. 
According to the video, a Chinese men in a white t-shirt and carrying a black backpack at the outlet was captured hurling insults and racial slurs at an Indian couple. The Indian male wearing a brown t-shirt had walked away at first, but was provoked into returning after the Chinese man turned his attention and insults on his female partner, who was waiting at the counter. Walking straight up to the Chinese man, the Indian male landed a punch on the shouter's face, while telling him to shut up.
Both exchange blows, with the Indian male gaining the upper hand. Seeing the fracas, the Indian woman tried unsuccessfully to pull the 2 men apart. Despite the commotion, most customers in the store appeared to ignore the incident, although the customers nearest to the 2 fighting men bolted soon after the fighting begin.
After the 2 men were separated, both the Chinese man and the Indian couple left the restaraunt, with the Chinese man shouting at the Indian couple to "come back".
The video is believed to have been taken by a rider at the McDonald's outlet.
The police said yesterday that they were alerted to the fray at around 7.45pm on Wednesday and investigations are ongoing.

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