I am a secondary 4 student taking O levels this year. I have applied for Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) and to my disappointment, I am not happy with the way the selection process operates.

The procedure for the DPA exercise goes like this; students are given one week to make their choice of three courses; first, second and third choice. One week after the end of the application stage, students will be called down for an interview at the respective polytechnics within that one month-plus time. After about a week later, the DPA results are released. However, only ONE course is offered, even if the student is accepted and eligible for ALL 3 courses.

I personally feel that this is a very unfair way of selecting which course is to be offered to the student. My concern is that some students might have changed their mind about the order of their choice of course after the interview process. At the day when the DPA results are released, students who changed their mind about the order of their choices are only offered ONE course to accept or reject, the student will not know if he or she was offered the other two courses or not, and will not be able to accept other courses (If they are accepted).

I feel that MOE should give show the results of the other two courses and allow them to be part of the course offer as well (if the course is accepted for the student)

The MOE DPA website did not state that only one course will be offered for the DPA results. This has brought me to great disappointment and inconvenience.

Thank you.

Dylan Flow Ang
A.S.S. Contributor

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