I recently chanced on a few socio-political websites on Facebook. Thinking that they are neutral, I decided to like and follow them. The Independent, The Middle Ground and Breakfast Network are some websites I came across. After reading several articles, I believe they are camouflaging as neutral with an agenda to sway opinions towards the PAP.

A political survey by The Middle Ground is found here:

After reading “50 faces”, you can summarise that the article is more or less telling you AHPETC is screwed up, better focus on area cleaning and people should only care about domestic policies. And the whole survey is slanted towards the government.

I believe the government is behind all these political websites, disguising them as neutral and slowly poisoning the minds of readers.

I interacted with a journalist who exited from SPH to start her Breakfast Network, Bertha Henson. I found her arrogant and snobbish but however, I chose to read her articles on Yahoo etc to find out if she is really a neutral journalist since she has resigned from her big job at SPH! I concluded she is pro-government, pretending to be neutral. Her many articles have hidden messages to sway public opinion.

My suspicion is that these websites and ex-journalists are recruited to change the new social media that the government can’t control. I believe MDA will come up with many new conditions to shut down other websites but these “neutral” websites will continue to survive since they are set up to control the media.

I also notice PAP IBs with no friends on Facebook and Yahoo working overtime replying to negative comments and trying to hammer down negative responses. They look too much like China IBs paid $0.50 per message to respond and persuade netizens.

The government is planning on executing social media, you will see more websites going down and “government-backed” neutral websites taking over. Don’t be conned, just read their articles and you will know they are from the white party pretending to be neutral and factual.


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