I was in SGH to see a bone & nerve specialist. I was attended by two junior doctors one of whom is a local and the other, obviously, a trainee FT from India. While the local doctor asked related questions to understand my complaints, the FT kept quiet most of the time but when he spoke, it was irrelevant questions! I fear that such doctors when phased in spells disasters if not, bad choice of Singaporeans looking for a medical cure.

Some time back I saw a Pinoy doctor in CGH. All he did was to knock my knees with a small hammer and prescribed two type of tablets which I never take as I have NO confidence in him and the way he went about diagnosing the problems. After a few months this doctor was gone. Perhaps for incompetence or complaints by other patients. I paid full specialist consultation fees to see him. The unit has been vacant since. I wonder if the hospital strategy is to let patients discover the competencies of their new doctors… something like using the patients to filter out the lousy ones.

Back to SGH. Should that FT doctor be the doctor in attendance eventually, do I have the right to decline treatment? Will the consultation charges be voided? Do the have-nots need to go through by trial & error to get a good medical treatment? What safeguards are there to ensure Singaporeans are not treated by fake doctors which we have heard so many times about?

A.S.S. Contributor

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