Dear Editors,

She is Phuong Thao Banh . Bitch from Vietnam, with her friend Thi Thuy Linh Vu tried entry Singapore but was rejected. She has complained to the press in Vietnam that Singapore custom has mistreated her. But that is NOT the case. I have met her before and got cheated . She asked me to help booked hotel and did not give back the money.

I have written to prove she was a prostitute, but when I tell to the press, they deleted my post. I have post evidence of her asking me for 300$ first, asked me to take shower first, brush my teeth first… Then when her friend stay in the next room (also call girl ) came to invite her to lunch . She said appointment will change to next time … But there would never be a next time. I can’t contact she anymore . I’m lost my money for her shopping, eat, booking hotel for 1 week.

Maybe she also contact her agent so that her advertising post in sammyboy was deleted. Next time my friend also get cheated from her same way. But unlucky he not tell me which girls he going to met haha . So I can’t help.

Now they dare accuse that custom in singapore mistreated her, no give food and no give water, no go toilet . Newspapers in Vietnam are accusing the ICA in singapore now . Lucky since she ask me booking hotel for her before so I have her passport and picture when she post in sammyboy. Just check passport number and number using working in singapore will be clear that she is illegal and cheated!

I hope this clarifies. Our ICA and Customs did not mistreat her, she is not a real tourist but work as prostitute in Singapore before, that is why! Stop lying Phuong Thao Banh!

A.S.S. Contributor

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