Dear ToastBox,

There is no sense of customer-orientedness in the companies in your chain. I was at Toastbox at Rail Mall this afternoon and found that the store was very smoky.

At first I was alarmed because I thought it was a fire but later my colleague told me it was because a staff member had been burning incense for the Hungry Ghost Festival inside the hidden kitchen area or immediately outside it (he had been told by the PRC kitchen assistant).

Is this really proper behaviour in an eatery?

If true, this seriously violates hygiene standards and is a major fire safety offence. NEA and SCDF should step in immediately to investigate the case.

In response to this complaint, ToastBox said:

“Hi Caroline, We apologize for the unpleasant experience you encountered at our Rail Mall outlet. Could you also let us know the time of your visit so our team can investigate this immediately. Thank you.”

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