Spoke to someone. He told me that he would spoil his vote. He said that he doesn’t like the PAP. But he doesn’t know who the opposition are.

So he said that he would spoil his vote. So I told him that he is not doing himself and Singaporeans a favour by spoiling the vote.

By spoiling the vote, he is only helping the PAP win.

I told him that he already knows that the PAP isn’t good – this is the very reason why he doesn’t like the PAP. The PAP no longer takes care of Singaporeans, for reasons I’ve said many times.

But if he doesn’t know the opposition, then he should go find out who they are, I told him.

I said that if he doesn’t know who the opposition are and would form assumptions about them based on what the PAP had said, then it is not the opposition which is the issue.

It is him who is the issue.

Moreover, if we do not believe in the PAP, then why are we still letting ourselves be influenced by the PAP’s propaganda. It is time to shake ourselves up.

How can we say that because we do not know who the opposition are, we will spoil our vote?

Where is our own responsibility to ourselves?

If we do not know who the opposition are, we should find out more. For those of us online, we should be able to do so more easily.

We should find out about the opposition, then form our own opinions, find out what policy proposals the opposition has, or even speak to them to find out more.

After we find out, then we will know who to vote for.

If we simply choose to spoil our vote rather than to find out, then it shows how heck care we are.

If so, stop blaming the opposition. We have to take responsibility for ourselves as well.

Many among the opposition have proposed credible and strong policies for change. If we don’t find out about these, then it says more about us than about the opposition.

The election is meant to be a time for us to decide which party we want to vote for, and how we can then have a chance to have new policies which will protect us.

It is our responsibility to ourselves to find out about the parties, and vote for the opposition parties which have said that they will represent our interests.

Don’t forget, it is us who will fall sick and grow old. It is us who will need to pay for healthcare and need enough money to retire. It is us who needs to go to university. It is us who will need to pay for one of the most expensive healthcare costs and one of the highest university fees in the world.

If you read about what the opposition has said that they will do, they want to increase wages, and let Singaporeans pay less for healthcare and university fees, so that we can afford these. The opposition also wants to ‪#‎ReturnOurCPF‬.

So, we cannot give the excuse that we will spoil our vote, just by saying that we do not know who the opposition is.

If we do not know, then it is time to get out of our own chair, find out who the opposition is and vote in the opposition which will represent our interests in government.

The election is coming. There is a lot of information online. Read up on the news, such as on The Online Citizen and States Times Review, and on Facebook pages such as Temasek Review, The New Era and Sin Rak Sin Party, so that we are able find out what the opposition will do for Singaporeans, and vote in the opposition to protect Singaporeans.

It is time for change. And it is time for us to sit up.

Let’s work together towards a new change that will bring Singapore towards a more fair, just and equal society.

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