Dear Editor,

I read with great initial disappointment, the flip flop of NSP in suddenly wanting to contest MacPherson by fielding another of their nude adulterous male model.

But MacPhersonians have since come to terms with it and felt on hindsight, this will be a good opportunity to repeat the déjà vu Punggol East B.E. sensation by thrashing the other 2 bimbos at the polls, causing 1 of them to lose his deposit in the process and closing the chapter of the national spoiler’s party for good!

Besides being overly exasperated over Tin Tin’s failed and ineffective representations ‘on our behalf’ with the never ending queues of her MPS ranging in their hundreds, we are also tired of being pushed around in this sick game of LHL vs GCT who pays very little attention to our needs which is evident in the manner the various ministries treat appeals coming from MacPherson.

The WP only has to work hard to swing the elderly votes here by teaching them the correct way of voting as many actually do not want Tin Tin and marked a cross in the PAP’s column, thinking that was the right way of rejecting her. The young adults have never quite accepted her from day 1 as she stands for nothing and does not know how to address insufficiencies in government policies.

Instead of attending to residents real needs, her grassroots have also accorded more importance to smearing the WP and is most demonstrated by none other than Junior Lee who graduated from young pap together with her in 2004.

Our only hope now is that WP will reciprocate our strong support in Pipit, Circuit, Merpati and Balam Road by fielding a strong quality candidate who is not plucked from previous failed attempt of other GRCs and certainly not their funeral project manager who is loathed by the superstitious Chinese old folks here.

Begum Abdul Rahma

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