During one of our walk about, we spoke to a Poly student about how we need change in the country.

If he is an American, Australian or Japanese he will be able to enter University that is at least of second tier ranking. But as a Singaporean he has to compete with foreigners who are graduates from second, third or fourth tier Universities with his diploma. Worse still is that he have to compete with those who hold fake degrees or those degrees holder who got them through degree mills.

He will also have a loss of income for 2 years compared to the females or foreign counterparts and his first five years of income after graduation will likely be in the range of $1800 to $3200 which will be a challenge to buy a 3 or 4 room HDB flat.

Competition will very likely be more tough in the coming years as we roll in the plans to increase the population to 6.9m in a small Island.

Moments after the discussion ended he came back to us for advice on the key points to remember in order to persuade his parents for vote for us.

This is just one of the many examples that through sincere persuasion and reasoning we are able to ask people to vote wisely. Imagine if everyone those people who wanted change share the message with a fellow countryman, change will definitely be possible!

We will like to extend a warm welcome for those who want to see a real change in the country by joining in our walk about. Or if you have any queries and will like to talk to us personally, do drop us a message or email, we are more than please to meet up with you.

Sat 9.30 am 22 Aug NanYang Community Club
Sun 9.30 am 23 Aug Keat Hong Shopping Centre, 253 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1

The volunteer form is here.

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