Editor's Note: A.S.S. receives plenty of odd requests from our readers. Readers have asked for advice on divorces, relationships, courting and clubbing, best makan places and even job recommendations. Although we do not publish all our readers' requests, we felt you guys might be interested to read this message from a desperate Filipino, who asked us to help him secure an employment pass to work in Singapore. 
For the record, A.S.S. does not have any power to influence S/E pass applications with the Ministry of Manpower. If we did, there would probably be more jobless foreigners going back to their countries. LOL!
hello admin..
i think this message is a desperate move for me to notice a M.O.M..because before i work in singapore at pasta mania for two years as EPASS and then after i finished my contract in pasta mania last year on april i hire in hanwoori a korean resto in singapore garden way and they have a enough qouta for SPASS during that time but M.O.M rejected my application..
my boss is appeal my application for spass and then after almost 2 months of waiting they rejected me again so i have no choice but to go back in Philippines last june 2014 and then after 4 months of staying here in Philippines my boss contacted me that they have quota again for me as spass but the M.O.M is rejecting me again..and last May my boss call me that they want to apply again my application for spass but again the M.O.M is rejected again my pass…
i just want to ask your opinion of what my boss need to do and what should i do for me to get another spass or epass so i can work legally again in singapore…and thank you in advance i hope you see my message because i really really love to go back in singapore and to work again
Aris Pedutem
A.S.S. Contributor

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