Editor’s Note: Has anyone seen this pet dog? The owner of this dog handed her pet to the vet for treatment, but the dog ran out from the clinic and was picked up by another family, who knew that the owners were looking for the dog. The original owners are now trying to locate their missing dog again and would like the family who has taken her to return her. Please contact the owner at the number provided.

Belle Belle,

How are you? Don’t be sad and stay strong. Mama sincerely believe that the family took care of you very well.

We really miss you so so much. We really hope the family will contact us as soon as possible. DETAILS WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! WE ASSURE YOU.

We know you have no intention and may not have any idea that she is My Belle we are looking for. Please have a heart and call us. We just want to bring her home to her family and her Biological Mummy. Belle’s biological mummy is very very sad. We are also very very sad.

We will not be angry and no negative feelings. We Deeply appreciate the care you have shown her these few days. Have a heart and you will have something beautiful in return.

Please do not comment any threatening words when sharing as We are not threatening. We only want Belle home safe.

Please contact me 81684701 or drop her at AVA or spca. Nobody will know anything. You kind heart will be rewarded! We promise please hear our plead and our sincerity.

My Belle, wait for mama to pick you up ok. Love you my darling, be good

Sad Dog Owner
A.S.S. Reader

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