So the situation this morning was while i was going for work taking my kick scooter(manual kick scooter not motorise) in NEL line punggol mrt, i was approached by a security he say that you cant bring in your kick scooter during peak hour and get out.

i was pissed at the way he say it, so i told him theres no sign that says and i’ve done for quite a number of times. His reply was ‘ that is because you were not caught yet’

Because of that reply i even more pissed then he let me to the passenger service whereby the SM in charge was seated and watching us talking.

After 10 mins of talking here and there, the SM in charge decide to let me go and with a smirk face.

I was still pissed so upon reaching NEL Line chinatown mrt, i approached the passenger service staff and ask where they aware of the situation. the staff say they have not heard this regulation before and told me as long as i fold my scooter and go in, peak hour or not doesnt matter.

So i just wondering any one had any encounters with this situation.

Kim JH
A.S.S. Reader

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