Dear Editors,

Read the news about NSP decision to contest in Macpherson SMC. I think this is a reasonable request from NSP since they already graciously gave up contesting in Marine Parade to give WP a better chance.

Especially after WP insisted on contesting in Marine Parade, some quarters of the Opposition have grumbled about WP’s arrogance and high-handedness in their handling of the horse trading meetings. During the meetings, when an informal vote was cast among the Opposition parties on who should run in Marine Parade, the NSP received overwhelming support.

Furthermore, NSP’s Steve Chia who wants to contest in Macpherson against Tin Pei Ling is a seasoned politician who contested in the past four elections. In 2001, he won the highest percentage of Opposition support and represented us in parliament as a NCMP. Against a newbie MP like Tin Pei Ling, he is a credible opponent and capable of taking her on.

This is a good chance for WP to show they are the true leader of the Opposition movement who listens to those smaller in stature. Moreover, what is there to lose, since Chairman Sylvia Lim herself mentioned before that WP was willing to make a deal with NSP from the very start. WP was willing and proposed to exchange Macpherson for Marine Parade with NSP and this is in line with their initial battle plans for GE2015.

If it happens, this is a positive winwin development for Opposition in Singapore. Everyone gets a part of the action and every party has put in the effort to give way to one another despite their differences.

Ultimately, Singaporeans want a choice and it is a good thing that the Opposition is seen working together for the greater good. Singapore politics is surely big enough for more than one party to challenge the status quo.

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